Usually in life when one comes to master a craft or develop an advanced understanding of it, one can play and interact with the philosophical undertones and implications of that thing. That might mean nothing to you, but the frank translation is that after doing extensive work and research in this field, I have come to realize the single most profound and philosophically important thing about SEO, as well as the most powerful outcome of channeling resources into SEO. And it’s not what you think.

This secret is so powerful that I actually don’t feel comfortable sharing with specificity for free. But I will take a step back and say that dedicating resources to true SEO has greater ramifications than you can imagine. I don’t want this post to be a massive sales pitch, but just know that as one of my clients, you will come to realize what I have come to realize. And you’ll be ever so happy that you did.

If you’re not a client and you’re reading this, consider it a fun riddle 🙂