Do you ever see sign tossers on the side of the road? Catches your eye, doesn’t it? Do you ever see sign tossers dressed up as a dinosaur on the side of the road? Really catches your eye, doesn’t it!

For a Halloween promotion, some company hired a person to stand at the side of the road all through the month of October, and it was hilarious. Stopped at the lights I could see people in their cars laughing and pointing. The fact that I’m even posting and talking about it goes to show how effective the marketing campaign was. Did more people go to the store in question? Who knows, but something I know for sure that I now know that this store exists. I had no idea it existed until I saw the dinosaur.

This stunt here is appropriate for seasonal shops, but for you and your business that likely operates throughout the year, something more effective to consider is the possibility of having this kind of marketing campaign happening all the time. The great thing about having a website is that it’s kind of like an employee who never sleeps. It’s always there to provide value to your customers and potential customers. The other side of the equation is getting EYEBALLS on your site… Getting people passing by and looking at it, just like how cars drove by on the side of the road and saw the dinosaur sign tosser. A website isn’t very useful unless people are actually looking at it. That’s what SEO aims to do, and when carried out effectively, being ranked highly will be an asset that will keep on giving back, 24/7/365.